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Shhh! Tea Sorbet

Posted by 28 on

It's a bit of a secret, but we can tell you that one of our two forthcoming publications will involve some recipes for delicious sorbets (or gelato if you prefer) made from our teas. These pictures are all of low fat, low calorie sorbets we've been testing. They are just shots from the mobile phone, so forgive the quality. They are Lord Petersham and Banana, Fleurs de Provence and Blueberry, and a dairy-free strawberry based on The Duchess.

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  • Looking forward to the recipes. Hubby is a sorbet kind of guy and you know I’ll try most anything to bring him over to the leaf side.

    jopj on
  • These sound really yummy! I once spent a summer making gown up sorbet and ice cream. But I never thought of making it with tea. Very nice!!

    ThePurrfectCup on
  • Yum! These sorbets sound amazing. I look forward to the recipes!

    liberteas on
  • Yes, Xavier. You pop over here to Australia and I’ll put the kettle on.

    thedevotea on
  • They all sound really good.
    Can I taste them?

    Xavier on

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