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Great One-Liners Part 1.

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It's the Pinterest Era, so we're told. And we love cooking with tea. So we've developed a stack of one line tea recipes. We'll post a few each week. Start cooking... G&TEA COCKTAIL : Ice 1001 Nights Tea, fizz in Sodastream, add a measure of gin and a lemon slice to a glass, top up with fizz. INSTANT JAM: Sliced punnet of berries, 100ml Two Tigers Tea, ¼ cup sugar. Boil, stirring, for 4 minutes PERFECT FRAGRANT RICE: Add 2 cups of hot green tea to 1 cup of basmati, cover & cook gently until absorbed.
BEST BURGER PATTIES: Combine ½ kilo lamb, 1 egg & 1 teaspoon ground Lapsang Souchong.The best teas for these recipes - in our opinion - are 1001 Nights for the cocktail, Two Tigers for the jam, All That Jasmine for the rice and any good, genuine Lapsang Souchong for the burgers, or a milder taste, use Jim 's Caravan. Please note these links are to our Australian site, if you are elsewhere you can find the teas via your closest distributor by selecting "United Kingdom" or United States". And somewhat related, a much more impressive tea and rice dish is featured on this video, and a vegetarian tea-flavoured burger turns up in this one.  

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