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Seaside Rendezvous

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The team from Devotea HQ in Adelaide, Australia were on hand yesterday to support a wonderful charitable initiative. Robert 3 - 700 Artist Andrew Baines undertook to get 150 people together in the surf at Henley Beach, drinking tea and dressed in suits and bowler hats. To mark the event, we bought forward a batch of our new blend "Seaside Rendezvous" - an Art Deco era-style tea that will be available later in the year. It combines teas from India, China, Ceylon and Australia.The event went off without a hitch yesterday, and was not only an excellent fundraiser for mental health charity and advocacy group Beyond Blue. We have been told that $5000 was raised on the day, and hopefully even more funds will come as a result of related activities.

We are proud that our tea lent an air of authenticity to the "Henley Tea Party", and we pay tribute to the great work of both Andrew and Beyond Blue.

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