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New Blends for the USA

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The Devotea USA has been busy, adding two new blends to the available list, and some new sizes. One of the most popular Devotea teas in Australia, Lady Devotea, is now being blended in the US. With bergamot, oranges and lavender on a bed of excellent black tea, it's a great hit on the high tea circuit. The new Star Spangled Chai was developed specifically for the US market. It features bold aniseed flavours, and will be particularly appealing to those who like their masala chai black and full of flavour. With new "sample" sizes available AND a Sampler pack that includes all 8 teas, it's a great time to revisit our US shop. There's even some tea sachets on there, so you can carry you loose leaf tea everywhere you go. Why not have a look now at the range? It's at

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