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Raising our cups to our worst-kept secret

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For just over a year, our teas have been available in the UK and the US. We went through an exhaustive selection process in choosing who would best represent us in each market. We gave each successful blender/representative the choice between making a huge announcement of their appointment or just letting them work quietly away at their market. Both chose the latter. Fast forward a year to the World Tea Expo in Las Vegas, and we're delighted to say the Devotea team from both Australia and the US made an impact. Many of the well known tea identities who attended already know of The Devotea either by this page which we jointly administer or through Robert's rambling blogs were a little surprised to find that someone else they knew of – a prolific tea blogger – was also kitted out with a conference badge that said “The Devotea ”. So, even though it was never an actual secret and if it had been, it was quite badly kept, the time has come for an “official” announcement. Nicole Schwarz, otherwise known as AmazonV, has been doing a splendid job on behalf of The Devotea in the US. We selected Nicole from a high quality field to represent us in the USA and over the last year or so we have seen what an excellent choice that has been. The professional and enthusiastic way that Nicole has promoted our teas here has lead to some great results, and working closely with her over our time in Vegas has been fantastic. The reaction of those of our tea friends that didn't actually know this already was very positive.
The Devotea is really picking up momentum in the US and we can't wait to see how the next year unfolds. There will be new products across all of our markets and it's exciting to be part of a multi-national small business that thinks big.
Robert & Anne  

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  • Hello Robert
    When im in adelaide next id love to catch up with youand discuss teatea.i import small amounts and know 2 best scone makers.
    Im keen to know if you will share how to get into states .
    I haventyet gone to tea festival thats on cards for next year.
    Look forward to hearing back.
    In tea
    Ps say hi to steve d for me

    allison on

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