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New Monthly Tea Service

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At The Devotea, we're proud to announce a new offer. The Devotea's Monthly Premium Tea Delivery is a new service that places tea in your hands every month from our extensive collection. Each month, you'll get great tea, in sizes ranging from commercial packets down to samples. You get enough to drink and build your collection as well as some to try. Each month there will be some "off the shelf" blends, some single estate, some one-offs and maybe some forthcoming teas. There are three options, ranging from 40 cups per month (4 teas) to 200+ cups (at least 6 teas). There's also an exclusive monthly information sheet about the teas, as well as competitions and bonuses. Check it out on our Australian site at . Expect the US offering to be available in another week.

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  • And, it’s here! < USA

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