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USA Tea of the Month - February 2015

Posted by Nicole Schwartz on

Keemum - black tea from 101 Tea Plantation

A Chinese black tea with hints of fruit. It is a prominent ingredient in most english breakfast teas, including ours.

Green Wonder - green tea from Lochan Tea

A character-filled green tea from the Maikaibari, family run, estate in Darjeeling, India. A green tea for everyday drinking. It is light and has that indefinable Darjeeling taste.

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Rose Blush - black tea from The Devotea core collection

Wonderful black tea, gorgeous rose petals and genuine sliced vanilla pods. Yes, it’s a good as it sounds. Black, it’s quite savoury. With milk and sugar, it’s like the world’s best hot milkshake!

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Apple Cinnamon - tisane, limited edition

I found this tisane and couldn’t resist buying some. A nice warming cup of tea for cold weather! Reminiscent of apple pie, and works well as a dessert tea with a touch of honey.

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