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USA Tea of the Month - May 2015

Posted by Nicole Schwartz on

Arya Ruby Darjeeling - black tea from Lochan Tea

A Darjeeling from the Arya estate. Why we selected this tea: This has so many flavour notes, and all of them elusive. Wine? Chocolate? Rain? Stonefruit? Enjoy!

Emerald Green - green tea from 101 Tea Plantation

From the Ancient Tea Forests of JingMai & ManJing Mountains, wild tea trees over 1,700 years old. Ancient trees' deeper roots & broader branches yield a more rich leaf & fragrance.

1910: English Breakfast - black tea from The Devotea Core Collection

Our English Breakfast takes you back to when tea was a truly luxurious commodity. Using a blending recipe from 1910, this English Breakfast brings a traditional solid, rounded black tea flavor, with lovely aftertaste that harkens back to the flavors of the past.

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